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Solutions for impact ventures

For whom?

Are you just starting out with your organization or have you already got off to a good start and now want to scale your impact significantly?

Do you want to continue to sit behind the wheel of your company in the future and not sell shares all the time?

You want to further develop your NPO and allocate more funds to your impact by linking to the market?

Then talk to us about extended financing models or product concepts.


If one thinks after the start or during the current development of the own enterprise, donation or NPO of the further financing of the activities up to the financially self-sustaining setting up, then most think of the arduous way of driving the evaluation and the sales of further enterprise shares and/or collecting donation funds. In the beginning this may also be the primary way to get started. Especially in growth phases, but also during the ongoing development, it is a good idea for many to consider alternative, proven or new ways.

Especially for startups, but also during further development, house banks are less and less available for this. Also in the foreseeable future, historically low interest rates will however massively expand the possibilities of financing or collecting money. In the impact environment, it is often a business connected with “real” assets and project financing, which can be presented attractively to investors and thus be used effectively, both in the for- and non-profit sector.

We analyze your (business) model with regard to potential approaches and jointly develop individual solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders. Instead of a “classic” equity or debt approach, it may be more effective to outsource central activities and develop your company from an asset owner to an asset manager. 

By linking up with philanthropic and/or public funds, “for-profit” tranches can then be better placed, or the stronger interlocking of capital market approaches and philanthropic thinking leads to a more impact-oriented allocation of funds. Our know-how in impact investing helps us to structure the right model for you and, if necessary, to distribute it with suitable partners.

Why LOOM Impact?

We understand “impact”: the impact-oriented investment world works differently. The motivation of the players involves more than financial profit. The “triple bottom line” (people, planet & profit) moves to the center. Therefore, the need for information about success as well as the consideration of profit is different. The design of such products must take this into account from the very beginning and must weave it into the DNA of the project. Based on our experience from previous projects and our own impact investments, together with the existing financial market expertise, we can generate exactly the right constructs for you.

Financial market know-how meets entrepreneurship: Building capital market products also means understanding how an organization works and how its impact is developed. In addition to the knowledge of how to set up and issue such instruments, it is important on the one hand to assess the attractiveness and risk classification from the perspective of the investors – but on the other hand it is also important to understand and, if necessary, restructure the operational aspects of the business plan from the perspective of the entrepreneurs. The third dimension is the assessment and monitoring of the development of impact along the UN SDGs. The competence in all these areas – impact, financial market and corporate governance – is firmly anchored at LOOM Impact.

Strong together: we do not only see ourselves as specialists in the new environment of impact-oriented financial products. We are also a network partner for bundling and exchanging expert capacities in order to be more successful on the market. Through our platform approaches to financial market products, fundraising circles, impact reporting and related communication, we build more than just financing solutions for you. We take you into an impact-oriented ecosystem that helps you build traction faster. The success of impact investing rests on the shoulders of like-minded pioneers and thought leaders.