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Solutions for impact investors & intermediaries

For whom?

Are you an investor looking for authentic, taylored impact investments for your portfolio or do you have a concept idea for impact investments that you would like to realize?

You are a service provider or intermediary and need value-oriented product ideas to expand your portfolio?

Do you need SDG-related measurability with exact documentation of impact & return (e.g. CO2 compensation investments)?

Then we have suitable solutions for you.


Impact investments are on their way to the mainstream. The reasons for this are, besides an increasingly clear public perception, a lower volatility in increasingly insecure markets and the motivation of each individual, but also of larger institutions, to look at the ecological and social return in addition to the economic profitability. 

Often and increasingly, there is an explicit demand for additive impact investment solutions for portfolio diversification or reorientation, but also for the promotion of positive developments or compensation of negative (climate) effects. Especially in this area, the demands and needs of investors and users will continue to develop and become more concrete, also due to further regulatory and taxonomic changes, thus enabling not only philanthropic but also for-profit investments. 

Together with you we analyze your individual requirements and the impact sector(s) in question in order to structure products for B2B2C that actively and additively address the most pressing problems of mankind. In this way we enable measurable returns in money and impact. For this purpose, we access, among other things, the data sets collected via LOOMPACT and thus facilitate a dedicated SDG/sustainability communication including “on time” tracking. A future digitalization and fragmentation/tokenization of assets will lead to investment opportunities with directly derivable impact in otherwise difficult to access sectors. Our joint product development thus opens up constantly expanding investment fields and fund allocations.

Why LOOM Impact?

We understand “impact”: an impact-oriented investment universe works differently. The motivation of all stakeholders encompasses much more than financial profit. The “triple bottom line” (people, planet & profit) moves to the center of motivation and provides for an extended need for information regarding success and results. The design of appropriate financial instruments must take this into account and weave it into the DNA of the project. Based on our expertise and experience from past projects, our own impact investments and the market knowledge gained in this way, we can jointly structure individual, effective financial vehicles.

Strong together: we see ourselves not only as specialists in the new environment of impact-oriented financial products. We are your network partner for the bundling and exchange of expert capacities in order to be able to appear successfully on the market and, if necessary, to offer access to an extended product portfolio to service providers from other sectors. With our platform approaches to impact reporting and related communication, we build more than just financial products for you. We take you into an impact-oriented ecosystem that helps you to quickly build up traction. The success of impact investing rests on the shoulders of like-minded pioneers and thought leaders.