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Solutions for impact finance vehicles

For whom?

You are working on an impact fund concept or other impact oriented financial instruments (e.g. green bonds); maybe you even have deal flow access, deal management experience and investor access?

Are you looking for support in setting up and operating the planned financial vehicle? 

Perfect – then we have the solution approaches ready.


The first step is to reflect on your concept and consider various possibilities for setting up the fund (or, if necessary, another suitable structure). Taking into account the framework parameters, including the intended group of investors, tax circumstances, duration and appropriation of earnings, we will work with you to build the extended business plan and the preliminary framework parameters of the project. 

After testing with the targeted group of investors, we (and partners) will set up and implement your vehicle in legal, organizational and regulatory terms. In addition, we will be happy to assist you in fundraising, the ongoing operation over the years and the communication of your successes. 

So that you can concentrate on what you do best → building & managing your portfolio to generate positive social/ecological impact and sustainable returns.

Why LOOM Impact?

We understand “impact”: the impact-oriented investment world works differently. The motivation of initiators and investors encompasses more than just financial profit. The “triple bottom line” (people, planet & profit) moves to the center and therefore the need for information in terms of success as well as the consideration of profit is different. The design of such a financial vehicle should consider this from the very beginning and the impact must be woven into the DNA of the project accordingly. Based on our experience from previous projects and our own impact investments, together with our existing financial market expertise, we can generate unique, highly effective funds and other financial vehicles for you.

“Start small, think big”: impactful financial instruments are unfortunately still small in number and volume in the world of investment vehicles. To set up a fund with 15 to 25 million EUR and to operate it profitably is almost impossible. We know this only too well from the experience of setting up our own impact fund concept. Therefore, we concentrate on structures that enable us to operate even with small pool sizes and are equally open to almost all (semi-)professional investor groups. Even if you start small, the path to larger volumes and institutional investors must be clear from the beginning. After all, we are all working to make impact investing mainstream.

Strong together: we see ourselves not only as specialists in the new environment of impact-oriented financial products. We also see ourselves as network partners for bundling and exchanging expert capacities in order to be more successful in the market. Through our platform approach to fund constructions, fundraising and deal flow circles, as well as impact reporting and related communication, we build more than just financial products for you. We take you into an impact-oriented ecosystem that helps you to quickly build traction in the market. Because the success of impact investing rests on the shoulders of like-minded pioneers and forward thinkers.