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Customer Examples

Africa GreenTec (fund structuring & debt financing)
In the course of the rollout of the AGT business in various countries in sub-Saharan Africa, we support the team in the transformation from being an asset owner to a diversified asset manager. For this purpose, we build up a new fund concept within the scope of an advisory & structuring mandate and together we go the whole way from the idea, over the operational orientation of AGT, to the implementation of a fund including fundraising. The fund will help to massively scale AGT’s idea of the “Impact Site” and thus address many SDG fields with the topic of decentralized energy supply on a renewable energy basis.

BAYER Foundation (impact communication & reporting)
The Bayer Foundation’s vision is to drive advances in science and social innovation to achieve a world with “Health for all and Hunger for none”. With our LOOMPACT platform and methodology, we support the Foundation’s work in managing & keeping track of impact results in its diverse programs for environmental & social innovation for a better world. The ease with which grantees can capture their impact plan & actual values and present them in a way that is easy to understand, was one of the main criteria for selecting our impact communication solution.

Hibyrd (asset-based securitzation)
Hibyrd achieves immediate savings in corporate power consumption through intelligent volt management. The technology allows to achieve significant cost reductions and, with the reduced power consumption, to generate correspondingly lower CO2 emissions. The best part: there’s no investment costs for the end customer involved, as Hibyrd offers a “savings-as-a-service” model. We are developing an asset-based securitization for the company that will attract new investor groups in the capital market and support Hibyrd’s growth. So that the CO2 savings can be achieved even faster.

Fairafric (impact planning & fundraising support)
Cocoa comes for a large part from Africa – many people know that. What is not known is that almost none of the chocolate products consumed here are produced on the African continent itself – thus most of the money in the value chain does not remain in the producing country. Not so with Fairafric: here, everything from cultivation to the finished chocolate bar is produced in Ghana – completely with renewable energy from the company’s rooftop. And that supports local incomes & economic development. We support Fairafric in their financing steps and also the modeling of their impact planning.

RENAIO (fund sales services)
Especially for the continuous base load in the renewable energy sector, hydropower is a central element. RENAIO buys and operates small to medium-sized ecologically integrated run-of-river power plants in the EU and manages its own innovative RAIF fund. We support RENAIO with sales services and by providing the structure for similar initiatives.

DRYAD Networks (corporate financing)
The binding of CO2 to counteract climate change depends mainly on the existence and condition of our forests. To better protect them, DRYAD Networks is building novel sensor networks that, among other things, can detect damage and forest fires much earlier than pure visual or satellite observations. We help the company to find investors and to set up debt capital solutions for the fast scaling of the innovative idea.

Sigo (corporate financing)
Sigo makes the change towards new urban mobility easy with their e-cargobike stations directly in the residential environments. We support the young company in the search for investors as well as in the structuring of its ongoing debt financing on the financial market and the further business scaling into new regions by means of innovative investment approaches.


IQ-EQ (fund- & securitization-as-a-service platform)
IQ-EQ is one of the world’s leading investment vehicle service providers based in Luxembourg. The company specializes in back-end services for fund operators and other investment solutions. Our cooperation focuses in particular on the provision of LUX SICAV-RAIF fund umbrella platform for our clients. In addition, we cooperate on other topics, such as the development of a dedicated impact securitization platform.

Project bcause (development of financial SPVs  & sales partnership)
Project bcause is the digital platform for people who can and want to become more financially engaged. The company provides solutions for innovative financing and more impact engagement. Private capital can get to work through the bcause platform digitally, without entry barriers and minus the hassle of legal counsel & foundation authorities. We develop diverse funding formats with bcause & collaborate on selecting and facilitating authentic investment targets.

Delodi (IT development partner)
Delodi focuses on the development of novel IT solutions, especially in the field of sustainable economy and positive ecological/social impact. Due to its consistent impact orientation, the company is our development partner for our communication platform  LOOMPACT.

Telekom TechBoost (accelerator program & hosting plattform)
Startups need strong partners. Especially for sustained success, they often lack networks, sales channels or partners, and other resources. That’s why Deutsche Telekom has developed the TechBoost startup program to support cloud-based startups that are already successful in the market and scaling massively. We are happy to be part of this accelerator program with LOOMPACT and to benefit from these network advantages.


BII – Bundesinitiative Impact Investing
One of the central theses of BII is to bring all stakeholders of impact investing in Germany together and to develop the topic into mainstream. LOOM Impact is since the days of the establishment workshops an active sparring partner of this non-profit organization.

SEND – Social Entrepreneurship Network in Germany
Especially young entrepreneurs have the most exciting ideas for the positive development of society and ecology. SEND sees itself as an anchor point for stakeholders from the environment of founders, investors and politics. Our company is connected to this network, among other things through the initiative “Impact State Berlin”.

IFB – Impact For Breakfast (Berlin chapter co-lead)
The Impact for Breakfast Club is an informal network of family offices, foundations, funds, venture philanthropy and intermediary organizations with a common focus on social enterprises and impact investing. The international network has been in existence since 2008 and is now active in dozens of cities worldwide. We support the IFB as co-host of the Berlin chapter.

GITA – The Global Impact Tech Alliance
The GITA brings together global thought leaders in the technology segment of impact investing. The main focus is on the open exchange within the network of experts and the creation of orientation guides and digital tools for impact companies and investors. Our company is involved in various working groups in terms of personnel and content.