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Impact reporting & communication

For whom?

You are just starting out with your company or financial instrument or have already made a good start and now want to assess & communicate your impact? Maybe you even want to visualize the impact of your entire portfolio?

Do you also think that the introduction of complex reporting/rating systems is too complicated and you even fear that this is only “produced for the drawer”?

In short: if you achieve positive social and/or ecological effects – then show the world! Use our LOOMPACT impact communication platform and be part of the new impact-oriented corporate community.

Why & how?

The impact world seems unfair. It requires entrepreneurs and financial instruments not only to report on the usual business reports, but also to report regularly on progress in the development of impact. What are the standards for this? None. The effort for this? At maximum. Interest in the details of such reports? Unfortunately little. So a lot of effort for the drawer? 

No! With the LOOMPACT platform we have created the possibility to easily enter the world of impact reporting. A low-threshold maturity level system makes this possible even for young and small companies. This system also encourages companies to grow over time in the breadth and depth of their impact analysis and to celebrate new successes time and again. These successes should be shared – therefore, you can have the core KPIs of your impact communicated automatically via our platform at any time in a social media-capable manner, so that you are perceived and valued again and again as a pioneer of the “impact economy”.

We are not interested in setting new standards in the area of rating and reporting. Rather, our platform lives from “SDG 17”: partnerships. In the coming years there will be many new approaches to impact management, reporting, rating, auditing and certification of impact. We give you the freedom to choose the methods you consider suitable for you and your ecosystem. It’s not about creating “one truth”, it’s simply about enabling transparency and turning your efforts into benefits for regular communication.

“Got Impact? Show what you’ve got!” – it’s so simple.

Why LOOM Impact?

We understand “impact”: the impact-oriented investment world works differently. The motivation of entrepreneurs as well as investors includes more than generating financial profit. The “triple bottom line” (people, planet & profit) moves to the center and therefore the need for information about success as well as the profit consideration is different. This is true for impact-oriented financial products as well as for impact companies and must be woven into the DNA of the project. Based on our experience from projects we have already supported and our own impact investments, together with our existing financial market expertise, we know exactly how to create an authentic and present communication of the impact.

Financial market know-how meets entrepreneurship: To accompany impact companies and financial projects means to understand how the business works and how its impact unfolds. It is the presentation of social and ecological goals that influences operations, but increasingly also the decisions of investors. LOOM Impact has a deep understanding of all related areas of expertise – impact, financial markets, and corporate governance.

Strong together: we do not only see ourselves as specialists in the new environment of impact-oriented financial products. We also see ourselves as network partners for bundling and exchanging expert capacities in order to be more successful in the market. Through our platform approach to financial market products, fundraising circles, impact reporting and related communication, we build an impact-oriented ecosystem that helps you to quickly build up traction in the market. Because the success of impact investing rests on the shoulders of like-minded pioneers and thought leaders.