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Impact RAIF fund umbrella platform

For whom?

Are you working on a fund concept with a clear focus on impact and sustainability?

Are you setting up a smaller fund (from 10M EUR) and looking for high cost efficiency and broad investor acceptance? 

Then our European Impact RAIF Umbrella Compartment product is just right for you.

Why & how?

Especially impact funds with their small size of often less than 50M EUR have a hard time setting up competitive operating environments and cost structures. Especially if the investor base is to be extended to private and institutional investors from the EU and beyond, such flexible constructs are usually expensive and require a lot of regulatory work to operate.

This is where it makes sense to jump under our Impact RAIF umbrella. The Luxembourg construct is widely accepted throughout the EU and can also accept investors outside the EU. Furthermore, we use the possibility of splitting the RAIF into completely independent compartments in order to pass on corresponding cost advantages. Think of this as a “flat-sharing community” of impact initiatives sharing the costs of the whole house (i.e. the financial vehicle). We accompany the installation as well as the organizational and regulatory operation over the duration of the project. This allows you to focus more on your actual task, the asset management.

We need more real impact funds that shine with attractive returns and positive, traceable impact.

Why LOOM Impact?

We understand “impact”: the impact-oriented investment world works differently. The motivation of the initiators as well as the investors includes much more than financial profit. The “triple bottom line” (people, planet & profit) moves to the center and therefore the need for information about success as well as the view of results is different. The design of such a financial vehicle must consider this from the very beginning and must be woven into the DNA of the project. Based on our expertise and experience from projects we have already supported and our own impact investments, we can jointly structure tailor-made, impactful financial vehicles.

Strong together: we see ourselves not only as specialists in the new environment of impact-oriented financial products. We also see ourselves as network partners for bundling and exchanging expert capacities in order to be more successful in the market. Through our platform approaches to funds, fundraising & deal flow circles as well as impact reporting and related communication, we build more than just financial products for you. We take you into an impact-oriented ecosystem that helps you build traction quickly. The success of impact investing rests on the shoulders of like-minded pioneers and thought leaders.