About us

Executive Board & Management Team

ILKO THUN (Executive Board Member)
His investment banking career led him to various international banking houses, where he was in charge for the generation of investment products at Barclays and BNP Paribas. After being involved in the structuring of financial requirements for a number of medium-sized & large companies, he took over the role as the executive board member at SKALIS Asset Management AG in 2018, which he redesigned as a financial services provider focused on sustainability. This was the basis for the idea to develop a specialized Impact Finance Boutique together with Mr. Wienholtz, which now operates as LOOM Impact AG.

RENÉ WIENHOLTZ (Managing Partner)
The business information scientist started his career at the end of the 1990’s at US high-tech IT companies such as Silicon Graphics, Cray Supercomputers & Sun Microsystems and then took over the role of the executive board member for technology & innovation at STRATO AG in 2001, which he developed for over 17 years into one of the world’s most successful IT hosting providers. He has been a business angel for many years and is primarily involved in impact investing already for a long time. After working on rolling out a fund after a sketch developed by PHINEO in 2018, this led him to the decision to further develop SKALIS Asset Management AG into a new type of impact finance boutique together with Mr. Thun and to supply this growing market with authentic financial solutions.

Supervisory Board

The molecular biologist began his career in the private sector as a consultant at McKinsey and gained initial insights into the shaping of civil society as a director at the Bertelsmann Foundation and through his role as a consultant at the World Bank. In 2010, he founded PHINEO gAG – a non-profit analysis & consulting company for effective social impact, which he still leads as CEO. Mr. Rickert also worked in the Sustainability Council of the German Federal Government due to his deep & long-standing knowledge in this field.